From the history, it is clear that the major
contribution to the allied force was that of the Sun group under Zhou Yu
and Cheng Pu, that the critical action was the attack with fireships led by
Huang Gai, and that sickness in Cao Cao's army played a considerable
role in his failure.[주 83] The account of the battle is found chiefly in the
biography of Zhou Yu and the attached commentary of Pei Songzhi; there
is only the briefest reference to the enterprise in the Wei section of
Sanguo zhi, and little more in the history of Shu-Han.[주 84] 

역사에서, 연합군에서 주된 공헌은 손권군의 주유와 황개인것이 분명하다.
주요한 액션은 황개가 이끌었던 화선을 이용한 공격이었으며, 
조조군의 질병은 조조의 실패에 상당한 역할을 했다.

전투의 설명은 주로 주유의 열전, 첨부된 배송지의 코멘터리에서 발견되며, 
삼국지 위서 파트에선 가장 간단한 언급만이 있으며, 촉서에는 위서보다 조금 더 설명한다. 

[주 83]
The potential for damage from infectious disease in armies with primitive hygiene
and without modern medicine cannot be neglected. For cases of "the sickness of
the host" in Western history see, for example, Zinsser, Rats, Lice and History, 154-
165, which has many references to the destruction of armies through the ravages of
such diseases as dysentery, scurvy, typhoid, smallpox, typhus and plague. The
diseases themselves may have changed, but the vulnerability of large groups of
men gathered together was a constant factor in pre-modern warfare, and remains a
considerable concern in modern times. Just as military commanders failed to
recognise the danger of infectious disease until it was too late, so later historians
have often failed to appreciate its importance.

질병에 대한 내용 

[주 84 ]
In a letter to Sun Quan, preserved in Jiangbiao zhuan and quoted in SGZ 54/Wu
9:1265 PC note 2, Cao Cao complained, "In the operations at the Red Cliffs, it was
only because of sickness that I burnt my ships and retreated. It is out of all reason
for Zhou Yu to take the credit for himself."
As Jiangbiao zhuan remarks, this may be no more than an attempt to discredit
Zhou Yu as a boaster, but the very existence of the letter implies that Zhou Yu had
acquired a reputation for the success at that time. In contrast, Shanyang gong zaiji,
cited by SGZ 1:31 PC note 2, unusually for this early period, gives credit for the
tactic of fire chiefly to Liu Bei.

삼국지에 인용된 강표전에 보존된 손권으로의 편지에서 아래와 같이 불평했다. 
조조는 "적벽의 작전에서 오직 질병때문에 나는 내 배들을 태우고 퇴각했다. 
불합리하게 주유가 명성을 얻어 버렸다."

강표전의 발언은 주유를 허풍쟁이로 평판을 떨어내려는 시도에 지나지않을수도 있다.
그러나 편지의 존재는 그 당시 성공으로 주유가 명성을 얻었다는 것을 암시한다.
반대로 삼국지에 인용된 산양공재기에는 이런 빠른시기에는 대단히 특이하게, 화공전술의 공헌을 주로 유비에게 돌리고 있다. 

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전문을 안 봐서 자세히는 모르겠지만 인용부분만 보면 저랑 생각이 참 비슷하긴 하군여. 맨 앞부분에 주유와 더불어 정보를 언급한게 나름 특이?
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